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An added layer of security for your hackamores!

**NOTE This is a picture of our client’s horse “Gina” showing you what the hack-a-strap looks like on our hackamore headstall.  The headstall and hackamore pictured are sold separately.**


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We custom build these hack-a-straps to sit on your bridle cheeks and go under the chin to pull your bridle cheeks slightly back from their eye and create added security of your hackamore, incase they ever come undone in the ring.

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4 reviews for Hack-a-Strap

  1. Jonathan Cohen (verified owner)

    This simple strap is the missing piece that should come with every hackamore! It’s an elegant and inexpensive solution to replace the number string most people end up using to hold the cheek pieces in place and keep the bridle securely on the horse’s head.

  2. Olivia Slutzky (verified owner)

    Love this strap. It is easy to use and works perfectly to keep the cheek pieces from getting too close to my horse’s eyes.

  3. Lauren (verified owner)

    Good quality leather and just what I needed for an existing hackamore head stall.

  4. Kim Land (verified owner)

    This strap is absolutely necessary for a hackamore but it is also a great safety tool if your horse wears a bonnet. If you have ever seen the bridle come off when the weight of the bonnet pulls the bridle over the horse’s head, you know what a disaster that can be as the horse runs around the schooling area with the bridle dragging between it’s front legs. We use these straps on the bridle’s of all our horses that wear bonnets. It works beautifully and prevents problems. The quality of the leather could be better, and I’d love if it was stitched instead of put together with a brad but it does the job. Enjoy!

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