English Hackamore


Pictured on a headstall with our innovative Hack-a-Strap for added security of your cheeks. Please note headstall and hack-a-strap are sold separately.  This hackamore is the custom leather nose and cheeks only (see secondary picture).

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This is a beautifully handcrafted custom horse bit.

Non Mechanical English Hackamore. This is the traditional non-mechanical English Hackamore. We have reworked the noseband to be more effective than other versions, its 3/4″ full cut leather nose produces better action as well as safety.

The leather nose pictured here is leather lined but can be ordered with sheepskin. Please note the leather nose will be sent “pre-oiled” so it will be a light chestnut color but you can darken it after it arrives easily with neatsfoot oil.

Pictured with a nylon double chain curb strap (sold separately). We have several varieties of curb straps available please see under western curb straps. The noseband is full size but has enough adjustment to fit most horses.

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Weight 1.2 lbs


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