About EquuSport

We’re EquuSport and we help people find innovative solutions to their riding challenges to allow them to be the best competitor they can be. 

We’ve spent countless hours hand-picking the best equestrian brands on the market that are designed to solve common tack and training issues. When something doesn’t exist to solve a problem, we create it. We regularly customize, modify, and augment bits an tack for customers who are working through very specific issues with their horses. We also carry a complete, customizable line of stunning, hand-crafted leatherware including bridles, girths, martingales, and more!

How We Got Started

Brad Goldstein, Founder and Ceo of EquuSportBrad Goldstein, our Founder and CEO, comes from long line of successful horsemen and women. When Brad was a kid, his mom would pick him up from grade school on horseback, ponying another one for him to ride so they could go for a trail ride through the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 

He went on to ride and train Hunters and Jumpers for almost 15 years, operating out of the family-owned Palisade farms in Colorado. He served as an announcer and paddock person at some of the biggest shows in the US, spending time watching rings and sitting beside the best judges in the country.

It wasn’t always Hunters and Jumpers for Brad. He’s also trained Colorado’s top endurance horses and pushed cows. He’s taken race horses and turned them into show horses and he’s driven teams. He watches dressage, Arabians, gaited horses, and reining horse alike and he takes what is relevant and applies it to the Hunter and Jumper rings. 

He founded EquuSport Custom Saddlery because he loves to help people become better horsemen and horsewomen. He had an opportunity to help even more people through tack and bitting. The shop has given him the ability to discuss horses with some of the top equestrians throughout the world – and for that, he’s grateful. 

Working With EquuSport

Brad Goldstein, Founder and CEO of EquuSportWe feel lucky every day that someone comes into the shop with a riding problem they can’t solve. We’ll always ask a myriad of questions so we can understand the relationship between the horse and rider, and begin to pick apart what might be driving the issue before recommending a product to help.

Sometimes we help people with bitting solutions or tack, but more often than not, people leave empty-handed with a training change or a piece of wisdom. 

Usually these riders come bounding in a week later after they’ve had success in the ring, and it’s THAT that makes us love what we do so much. 

So if you’re ready to experience the EquuSport difference, reach out to us. You can shop us any time right here on our website or available to answer questions or provide a recommendation by phone or email. You can find us in person throughout the California Show Circuit in our Mobile Tack Shop.