Protect or Change Your Bit with Latex Bit Wrap

equusuperadmin  |  Jul 23, 2020

*Unfortunately, the maker of Sealtex Latex Bandage is no longer in business. There is not currently a viable alternative on the market that we’ve tested, know, and trust though we are constantly on the lookout for one.*


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about latex bit wrap, so wanted to share with your our philosophies on this powerful, and affordable tool that can actually help you make bit changes more achievable. So what is bit wrap? At its core, it’s latex that – you guessed it – wrap around your bit. Our favorite bit wrap is Sealtex Latex Bandage.

So what are some reasons you may wrap your bit? 

Sealtex Latex Bit Wrap

Protect or repair a bit with latex bit wrap

If you have a beloved rubber or another soft-coated bit, you may notice that over time they wear down particularly if you have a horse that is particularly mouthy or chomps at the bit. Bit wrap can both preemptively protect your bit from damage or, if the bite marks are minor, fix the bit until you can get a chance to get a new one. 

If your bit is very damaged and chewed almost all the way through or with very rough, sharp edges, we don’t recommend wrapping it as a short term fix. This should be treated as an emergency, and you should replace your bit.

Change the function of your bit with bit wrap

Bit wrap can also change a bit in one of two ways: by softening a bit or changing the operational design. 

You can soften a bit by adding a cushion with Sealtex Latex wrap and this is particularly good for horses that have a sensitive mouth or a sore mouth from an injury. You can use bit wrap as a short term solution before you get a new bit, or for longer-term use. If you’re looking to use bit wrap to soften your bit longer-term, make sure if the wrap shows any signs of wear you change it. 

A little known trick is bit wrap can actually change the operational design of your bit. For example, if you have a bit with a joint in it but are looking to move to a mullen-type mouth or another mouthpiece without a joint, you can actually use bit wrap to wrap the joint and make it a straighter bar! 

Many of our clients use bit wrap to modify twisted wire bits if they need to soften them in a pinch, particularly if they’re away at a show without their bit box with them. 

How to apply bit wrap to a bit – the right way

We often see clients come in the store with bit wrap issues – the bit wrap may not stay on, latex bit wrap pieces fall off, or the wrap is too loose. The key to avoiding this is simple: PULL TIGHTLY. Much tighter than you’re comfortable doing at first. We promise – it will be ok!

You’d be surprised at how much tension is required to wrap correctly. If your wrap doesn’t become transparent when you put tension on it, you don’t have enough. One of the benefits of wrapping this way is your bit wrap will go a lot farther and last longer once applied.

How to Wrap a bit
Here you can see our CEO, Brad Goldstein, beginning to wrap a Poponcini Bit.

Here’s how we wrap our bits with latex

  1. Cut a piece of Sealtex Latex in half, lengthwise
  2. Align a side of the latex with the very edge of the bit, where it touches the bit rings
  3. Pull the latex until you can see through it – keep pulling!
  4. Pull around the bit, overlapping with the previous piece
  5. Continue until you’ve wrapped as far as you’d like to go, but DO NOT CUT IT
  6. Wrap back in the other direction, ending where you started

We’ve put together a quick video for you to demonstrate how our CEO, Brad Goldstein wraps bits. In this video, Brad is applying bit wrap to a Poponcini bit. Check it out:


As always, if you have any bitting questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help answer any questions you have.

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