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English faux gags come in all shapes and sizes, which can be overwhelming and confusing. There are many bits out there that provide similar “gag” effects, but are not true gags, we call them Faux Gags.  It is sometimes hard to determine which one is right for your horse, so, today we’re going to break it down.

Below we have compiled a list with pictures of these “faux gags” to help you decode the word of gags versus “faux gags.” (if you want to know more about standard Gags, you can see our previous post here)

General Properties of Faux Gags

Like traditional gags, faux gags aid in lifting your horses head up, however, the cheeks produce varied results and speed of reaction.  Ideally gags help you stay in position and elevate your horse’s head rather than pull you down and out of position.  The bigger the ring the larger amount of “hoist” you get to take their head off the floor.  Also, bigger rings are slower to act and thus work better for horses who tend to  overreact with gags.

Faux Gags (in order of leverage):

  1. 12/5 Inside Loop Full Cheeks with short bit keepers
  2. 12/5 Inside Loop D Rings
  3. 12/5 Inside Loop Loose Rings
  4. Bauchers (also known as Bouche Filet, Hanging Cheek
  5. 2 Rings
  6. 12/5 Inside/Outside Loop
  7. 12/6 (Bevel) Inside Loops
  8. Swivels
  9. 2.5 Rings
  10. 3 Rings
  11. 4 Rings
  12. Gag Curbs (french gags)

12/5 Inside Loops 

Loose Ring Hinged Mouth with 12/5 Loops  12/5 French Loose Ring with Loops 

Full Cheek Dr. Bristol with Loops

These are referred to as “Hunter Gags,” due to the fact the loops are concealed.   These are in the grey area of the USEF rules and fall under Judges discretion, this is of no issue with the Jumpers.  As with all these types of bits, they are predicated on the amount of gag required.

2 Rings & Bauchers

                   French 2 Ring  3/8" Twisted French Baucher

2 Rings are similar to Baucher Bits with a notable differences.  First, because they are on a loose ring rather than a fixed cheek, this allows for more travel of the mouthpiece in an upward “gag” direction.  Second, Baucher Bits have a smaller snaffle ring which makes them much more fast acting.  A baucher’s gag action is directly proportional to the height of the cheek – the longer the distance from the top of the cheek to the mouthpiece the larger the gag effect.

12/5 Inside/Outside Loops

*This are our own custom creation and do not have a picture to show you at this time*

As with all of these types of bits, distance is everything.  The outside top ring and an internal loop shorten the distance of lift, thus the outer ring gives more lift than a 12/5 or 12/6 configuration, but less than a 2.5 ring.

12/6 (Bevel) Inside Loops

12/6 Hollow Mouth Loose Ring

These are the next step up  from 12/5 as they add an additional few inches of rise making it slightly more aggressive in its action.


Swivel Gag Bit with Copper Roller

Swivels produce moderate gag action with full cheek like qualities with face pressure when turning.

2.5 Rings

Poponcini Harmony 2.5 Ring

2.5 Rings are almost equal to the 3 rings with this exception they tend to be slightly shorter.  More importantly, the lower ring is larger, this allows the rein more movement before engaging the ring.  This makes them a bit slower to act.

3 & 4 Rings

3 Ring Correction Port 3/8 Fast Twist French 4 Ring

The three and four rings with chains are the mirror opposite of gag curb (french gags) in their actions. A 3/4 ring gags first, curbs second, which means it raises first and breaks at the pole second.  If you have a horse that you have to pick up their heads first, but that action causes them to stiffen, locking the withers and back, then 3 rings will not be a good choice for you. We would recommend a gag curb in this case to give you whole body flexibility through the withers and back and compression of step. Gag curbs start at the jaw with a curb and then lift.

Gag Curbs (french gags)

                     Bomber Curb Gag with Blue Port Double Wire Gag Curb

Gag curbs start at the jaw with a curb and then lift. Poll pressure is not totally removed as there is a similar action to the ring on the bit & top rein. When deciding between 3 rings and gag curbs they are mirror opposites as mentioned above.  Gag curbs Pelham first and then gag.

If you have a horse that you have to pick up their heads first, but that action causes them to stiffen, locking the withers and back, we would recommend a gag curb to give you whole body flexibility through the withers and back and compression of step.

The following bits also have gag type properties when there curb chains or straps are loose or not used:

  1. All PelhamsLoose Ring French Twisted Hinge Pelham
  2. All KimberwicksJointed Rubber Kimberwick
  3. All RNFsButterfly Flip Hex Nut Kimberwick


This is due to the fact that the cheek piece attaches above the mouth piece causing the bit to pivot or move upward when pulled.  Elevators always have a gag like property.

I often get asked what makes us different from other “tack shops.”  The simple answer?

We make the impossible, possible.

But let me dig deeper and share a bigger secret with you…

EquuSport is not just another “tack shop,” we are a family business with deep roots in the Hunter/Jumper world.  I began riding when I was 5, my mother had a show barn, Palisade Farms, and my father rode Polo Ponies.

For me, horses weren’t a hobby, they were a passion.  I went on to help my mother with her clients at the barn and then realized there was a big void in the tack repair and custom equipment realm, and thus EquuSport was born 30+ years ago.

Over the course of time, I have now become fondly known as “Brad the Bit Man” and our humble retail shop has become a place where, as I said in the beginning, we make the impossible, possible.  A place where people who have run out of ideas come for solutions.  A place where we can work through your challenges and leverage my experience inside and outside the ring to create remedies that will help you become a winning combination in the ring.


English Bridles

We believe that you should be able to choose your bridle, like you choose your car – options to fit your needs! We know that just because you got a new horse, shouldn’t mean you need a whole new bridle. We also believe that changing nosebands shouldn’t require a ritual sacrifice.  The trouble is, we see it all too often, so we decided long ago to do something different.

We created our custom line of bridles to be 3 things:  Beautiful, Durable, and Interchangeable – and then we took it farther and gave you choices galore.

Stock Bridle


Let’s start with our Stock Bridles.  They are beautifully hand crafted to fit most standard size horses.  We give you the ability to choose your size (cob, full, oversize), your width, and your noseband – standard, crank, chain, studded, or figure-8 instead.  We try to take the guess work out of having a beautiful bridle to complement your round.



Custom Bridles


Second, we have Custom Bridles.  These are the cream of the crop our most popular bridles! These are the perfect solution for your ponies, your oversized warmbloods, or simply your horses who are hard to fit.  We custom measure every aspect to make sure it fits your horses face like a glove.


Work Bridle with Snap Cheeks



Lastly, for the busiest of barns we created our Work Bridle. We designed it to have snaps on the cheeks so you can swap out a bit easily. They are great for barns where you need the flexibility and interchangeability in your bridles.



Flat rate shipping is available.

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