The EquuSport Difference

I often get asked what makes us different from other “tack shops.”  The simple answer?

We make the impossible, possible.

But let me dig deeper and share a bigger secret with you…

EquuSport is not just another “tack shop,” we are a family business with deep roots in the Hunter/Jumper world.  I began riding when I was 5, my mother had a show barn, Palisade Farms, and my father rode Polo Ponies.

For me, horses weren’t a hobby, they were a passion.  I went on to help my mother with her clients at the barn and then realized there was a big void in the tack repair and custom equipment realm, and thus EquuSport was born 30+ years ago.

Over the course of time, I have now become fondly known as “Brad the Bit Man” and our humble retail shop has become a place where, as I said in the beginning, we make the impossible, possible.  A place where people who have run out of ideas come for solutions.  A place where we can work through your challenges and leverage my experience inside and outside the ring to create remedies that will help you become a winning combination in the ring.


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