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equusuperadmin  |  Feb 18, 2018

I often get asked what makes us different from other “tack shops.”  The simple answer?

We make the impossible, possible.

But let me dig deeper and share a bigger secret with you…

EquuSport is not just another “tack shop,” we are a family business with deep roots in the Hunter/Jumper world.  I began riding when I was 5, my mother had a show barn, Palisade Farms, and my father rode Polo Ponies.

For me, horses weren’t a hobby, they were a passion.  I went on to help my mother with her clients at the barn and then realized there was a big void in the tack repair and custom equipment realm, and thus EquuSport was born 30+ years ago.

Over the course of time, I have now become fondly known as “Brad the Bit Man” and our humble retail shop has become a place where, as I said in the beginning, we make the impossible, possible.  A place where people who have run out of ideas come for solutions.  A place where we can work through your challenges and leverage my experience inside and outside the ring to create remedies that will help you become a winning combination in the ring.

More often than not our customers bring us (or send us) a picture of a product – bit, bridle, special training aid, etc – that they found many years ago and are wondering if we can re-create it. That is where the magic of what makes us special and what we do comes in.

We specialize in custom bits and have the largest selection of standard & custom English horse bits in the United States.  There is rarely something that you can think of that we haven’t created over the years. From the simple to the complex we do our best to bring what you need and see in your imagination to life.

When it comes to custom leather goods, we have you covered there too.  Our custom bridle work is designed to not only last and be functional, but we make it fully interchangeable.  We believe you shouldn’t have to buy a whole new bridle if you need a new noseband, need longer cheeks or crowns to fit your new horse or bit.  All of our bridles come set up, but we supply all parts separately to grow with you and your horses needs, new or old!

With the rest of our leather goods – reins, girths, martingales, horse boots, belly guards, and of course hunting breast plates, we have learned over the 30+ years we have been in business, how to create products that do what they say they are going to do without all the excess.  Our reins are designed to be the optimum length, our belly guard girths make attaching equipment a breeze, and the martingales, boots, and hunting breast plates are all made from the same leather as our bridles so they match and wear together – no more mismatching ever again!

We are a full service tack shop.  We are able to keep the equipment you love working like new. We know your horses and equipment are an investment, we help you get the most out of that investment!

Lastly, we believe in giving you the best customer service we can.  This includes “ride-ups.”   If you have a question or need something and you are already mounted up, stop on by! Need a custom bridle, walk your horse over and we’ll fit them right there.  Need a ring side consult to see if the bit you chose is fitting right, YUP! We can pop over and see what we think (see images below of me in action).  We don’t just want you to purchase our products, we want to make sure you have all you need to get the most out of them and use them in the ways they were intended!

With my experience both as rider and trainer, as well as the extensive network of manufactures we can create (almost) anything you are needing to make you and your horse a winning combination!  If you haven’t had a chance to see all that we can do, now is the time!

My hope is that, over time, you too can come to depend on us to be part of your team, your confidant, your problem solver, and your go-to place when you need a solution.  

Thank you so much for your business and we look forward to helping you again in the future!


Brad Shop Side Service - EquuSport

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