How to Choose the Right Bridle for Your Horse

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English Bridles

We believe that you should be able to choose your bridle, like you choose your car – options to fit your needs! We know that just because you got a new horse, shouldn’t mean you need a whole new bridle. We also believe that changing nosebands shouldn’t require a ritual sacrifice.  The trouble is, we see it all too often, so we decided long ago to do something different.

We created our custom line of bridles to be 3 things:  Beautiful, Durable, and Interchangeable – and then we took it farther and gave you choices galore.

Stock Bridle


Let’s start with our Stock Bridles.  They are beautifully hand crafted to fit most standard size horses.  We give you the ability to choose your size (cob, full, oversize), your width, and your noseband – standard, crank, chain, studded, or figure-8 instead.  We try to take the guess work out of having a beautiful bridle to complement your round.



Custom Bridles


Second, we have Custom Bridles.  These are the cream of the crop our most popular bridles! These are the perfect solution for your ponies, your oversized warmbloods, or simply your horses who are hard to fit.  We custom measure every aspect to make sure it fits your horses face like a glove.


Work Bridle with Snap Cheeks



Lastly, for the busiest of barns we created our Work Bridle. We designed it to have snaps on the cheeks so you can swap out a bit easily. They are great for barns where you need the flexibility and interchangeability in your bridles.



Brad Goldstein

Brad Goldstein

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