Custom English Bridle


If you would like to print our measurement sheet, please click here: Custom Bridle Measurement Sheet The price is for the bridle only.  You can select reins below when adding your measurements.

**All leather goods are not oiled prior to being shipped.  They will arrive in their pre-oil color and can be oiled by you after receipt or if you ask us we can oil it prior to shipment.  Bear in mind all oiled leather goods will be final sale.**

Bridle * 

Overall Style

A. Crown Length

Measure total length over head from end to end

B. Crown Split

Measure between the split of cheeks and throat latch

C. Cheek Length

Measure length from bend, where bit is joined to cheek piece to rear corner of the eye

D. Browband –Length

Measure total length, bend to bend. State if loose, tight or OK

E. Noseband –Length

Measure length from buckle to end

F. Noseband Spread

Measure between head and cheek on noseband

G. Noseband Cheek Length

Measure from buckle to top edge of noseband

H. Noseband Crown

Measure from point (billet end) to top part (edge) of noseband (side with holes)

I. Width of Cheek Pieces * 

J. Width of Noseband * 

Noseband Type * 

All our custom bridles come with a standard noseband, if however, you would like a different noseband, you can select one of these at an additional cost.

Type of Reins

If you would like reins, please select from the options below.

Laced Rein Options

Please select the type of laced reins you want or if you do not need laced reins, please select none.

Rubber Rein Options

Please select the type of rubber reins you want or if you do not need rubber reins, please select none.

Misc. Reins

Please select any additional reins you want or if you do not need any additional reins, please select none.

Optional Nameplate

If you would like to order a nameplate to go with your order, please fill in your info below.

Please double check your spelling.

*Please note, this will add about approximately 14 days to processing time and items with plate mounts will not be returnable*

Would you like us to mount your plate? * 

If you would like us to mount your plate, unless otherwise stated, all plates are placed under the adjustable part of the cheek on bridles, on the side of girths, and under the adjustable side on the neck of martingales.

Please note that nameplates add 14 days to your order as we have to order them and then once we receive them they can be shipped out.

There are three options for nameplates. Please select which option you would like below.

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Add to Wishlist


These are the best of the best when it comes to bridles.  Our bridles are hand made and are made to measure. The perfect addition to a stunning round.  Relative sizing is Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Extra Cob, Full, Extra Full and Oversize.

The price listed is for your bridle only.  All reins and other leather goods are sold separately.  You can select your reins here or also view our laced reins (flat or raised), web reins, and rubber reins as well.  We also have martingales and girths as well.

Please reference our measurement illustration prior to ordering.

bridle measurement

If you would like to print our measurement sheet, please click here: Custom Bridle Measurement Sheet

Please allow 3 weeks for production

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs


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