Square Figure 8 (The Pletcher Bit) D Ring


This beautiful custom bit comes in Stainless Steel or Brass in size 5″


This is a multifuntional D Ring Horse Bit with a two link chain joint, hence the “figure 8” nickname. This bit is reversible, so you have a flat side down against the bars or you can flip it over and it has a a more rounded contact with your horses bars. The chain mouth also has a 90 degree (right angle) twist which produces a semi-locking/rigid quality to the mouthpiece which gives it a similar mullen characteristic when pulled on. The mouthpiece can be either brass or stainless steel.  It is much thicker and square shaped compared to the traditional “pletcher bit” we make.

Made in USA

Additional information

Weight 0.85 lbs
Mouth Piece Metal



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