Poponcini Harmony Balding Gag with Copper Inserts


Harmony 1 are very flexible.  Harmony 2 are more rigid but still flexible and consequently give you a “little more bit.”  

If you need gag cheeks to use with your bridle, please select one here.


This Poponcini balding gag (also known as a loose ring gag) horse bit comes in either Harmony 1 or Harmony 2 wrapped in copper.  The standard color is blue, but it is available in black by special order.

The copper wrapping has a two fold effect.  First, it makes the bit a little less flexible at the edges.  Second, it makes them less prone to chew damage which makes them more durable as well as helps them to salivate more.

Made in Italy

Additional information

Weight .85 lbs
Poponcini Mouth Piece Size


Poponcini Mouth Type



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