Poponcini 3 Ring Bit with Copper Inserts


Harmony 1 are very flexible.  Harmony 2 are more rigid but still flexible and consequently give you a “little more bit.”


While we stock the majority of Poponcini bits in black now, if you want to specify black or blue, please do so here. Please note: If we do not have the color you specify in stock it will generally take 6 weeks for us to get stock in the other color. Due to this, we do our best to send the color you want, but reserve the right to send an alternate color to preserve speed. It is important to remember that the color of the bit has no impact on functionality. Poponcini simply started producing black bits so they could be used in hunters.

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Poponcini 3 ring with copper Cupro inserts. Poponcini bits are available as H1 and H2 flexes. The H1 is the softer of the two. These bits with the Cupro covers tend to be much more durable without unduly affecting the flex of the mouthpiece.

The cupro cover has a copper content so it aids in saliva production as well. It is our recommendation to fit these bits smaller so that the molars sit on the metal. If too wide, the teeth will hit at the rubber-metal connection and thereby will not help the longevity of the bit.

Made in Italy

Please note: The manufacturer of Poponicini Bits does not warrant the durability of these mouthpieces against teeth or chewing. The warranty only applies to internal cable failure and thus any wear to the rubber mouthpiece is not covered by Poponicini Bits or EquuSport LLC and thus not eligible for replacement or exchange. You can learn more about the makeup of these bits as well as use precautions here.

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Weight .8 lbs
Poponcini Mouth Piece Size


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