Herm Sprenger® KK Sensogan Loose Ring

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The Details


This is the standard Herm Sprenger® KK Jointed loose ring.  Its diameter is 18mm and characterized by the following:

  • The rein aid pressure that is exerted on the tongue edges and the lower jaw is more intense compared to other single jointed bits
  • For horses that are unresponsive to normal double or single jointed bits and who are strong at contact
  • Excellent for horses that tend to lean on the bit

This bit has the innovative Sensogan mouthpiece metal. As a result of ongoing research and development, experts at Herm Sprenger have created Sensogan for a mouthpiece that offers all the benefits of Aurigan®, yet retains its discreet and elegant silver color much longer. Like Aurigan, Sensogan promotes a delicate and sensitive connection to the horse. It instills a pleasant taste, encourages salivation and promotes bit acceptance. It also significantly regulates the oxidation process to allow the bit to maintain its beautiful color.

Distinctively unique, this metal is a proprietary blend of copper, zinc and manganese. A reduced copper content allows some oxidation to occur, but the addition of manganese regulates and slows oxidation which in turn slows discoloration. Manganese is also an important micronutrient for horses, as a crucial component and activator of enzymes. 

Imported from Germany

Additional information

Weight 0.8 lbs
European Mouth Size

135mm, 145mm


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