Controller Headcoller


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The metal nose measures approximately 9″ front to back, and 6″ side to side.

Optional Nameplate

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These are sometimes known as a steel stud/stallion halter or ring.  This is a great piece of equipment for when you need more control leading your horse.  You can use them on the ground walking (with ring down) or even lunging (if you flip the ring up on the nose side).

Made in Britain

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

2 reviews for Controller Headcoller

  1. Sarahjoy Crain Mount (verified owner)

    I got this for a horse that learned he could get out of doing what he didn’t want to do by simply rearing to full height and turning away. A stud chain only pissed him off and made him rear at me, and a lip chain wasn’t a long term fix. But with the controller headstall I finally am gaining his respect without having to muscle him, which doesn’t work anyways.
    Independent C Farms
    Ferris, TX

  2. A.J. Schlatter Flynn (verified owner)

    This product has saved my life, literally several times already.
    ~ When dealing with an overly enthusiastic Stallion or less predictable behaving youngster, this has become my “Go To” equipment. No need for anyone to get hurt. My horses respect it completely & I’ve never had to yank on it to get their attention. I just shake the lead & the horses understand. They can’t bite you in it either, so that is really nice too.
    ~ Kristin Hardin recommended this item for a particular horse. It works so well, I got another one for that horses sister.
    ~ Both of those horses are a pleasure to lead now.
    Celebrity Equine Center
    Scottsdale, Arizona

    • Lauren Goldstein

      Thank you for your review AJ! We are SO happy that this has been such an amazing (and life saving) investment for you! We love having you as a customer and look forward to helping you in the future!

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