Beris Hard Port Pelham

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The tongue port bar boasts a uniquely flattened shape, optimizing room for the tongue. This design promotes enhanced suppleness and increased chewing in many horses. It proves particularly effective for horses that tend to play with their tongues, as the port prevents them from getting their tongue over the bit.

This mouthpiece is well-suited for horses that find traditional bits uncomfortable due to tongue pressure, leading to reactions like head-shaking. The Pelham, a classic bit, now features a more elegant and enhanced design.

When reins are applied, the bit exerts influence on the mouth, lower jaw, and poll. The lever length of the shanks (5 cm or 7.5 cm) allows for varying strength and direct bit angulation in the mouth. This makes the Pelham suitable for horses who don’t bend at the poll, ‘hot’ horses, or those requiring more bit in high-stress situations.

Supplied with curb hooks, the Pelham is a good option for many horses. The Beris bit factory in Schleswig-Holstein, born out of years of bit manufacturing experience, emphasizes skilled craftsmanship and a passion for equestrian sport.

Driven by a passion for the horse, Beris prioritizes the protection of the horse’s sensitive mouth. Every metal piece, from the bit ring to the intricate cheekpieces, is meticulously shaped by hand, welded, and polished to perfection. The innovative design of the mouthpiece enhances bit acceptance and facilitates subtle communication between horse and rider.

Beris mouthpieces are crafted from a food-safe plastic compound, featuring an unparalleled surface finish in the realm of plastic bits. Their smooth surface ensures easy sliding in the mouth, promoting saliva production and acceptance by virtually all horses. A true example of craftsmanship, proudly Made in Germany.

Key features include a tongue port height of 30 mm and a mouthpiece thickness of 18 mm. The flattened shape of the tongue port bar continues to provide optimum room for the tongue, addressing the needs of horses with a variety of preferences and sensitivities.

Additional information

Beris Mouth Piece Size

130 mm, 140 mm

Cheek Length

4", 5"


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