Beris Flexible Ported RNF


Size is 140mm

Comes with Curb Strap and Bit Guards


The RNF bit is also called a Butterfly Flip bit, named after the famous show jumper Butterfly Flip with Malin Baryard. A RNF Bit has a kimberwick cheek. This bit is slightly softer than a pelham. The three different ways to attach the reins makes it a bit that can be used for different horses. Only one rein is used and a curb chain can be attached to the upper ring.

This bit is suitable for a strong, but sensitive horse.

A unjointed bit/straight bit often works sharper than a single or double jointed mouthpiece. The shape of the mouthpiece determines the pressure in the mouth.

This straight, flexible mouth piece with tongue port gives more pressure on the layers and keeps the tongue free. Other straighter and thicker mouthpieces produce more pressure on the tongue.

Made in Germany

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs


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