Poponcini Bits

“Poponcini bits take flexibility to the next level and is one of our most popular brands.

There are four versions of Poponcini, A, H1, H2, and H3. Each of these decreases in flexibility from A to H3, with A being incredibly soft and “whippy” to H3, which is flexible but stable.

What makes these bits different is the square design – and where we think things get interesting. Round bits of any type have a small area that rests on the bars, which can be considered “sharp” based on the surface area contact but soft in the corners because of the round nature of the bit. Poponcini works opposite to this, it’s soft on the bars because of the increased surface area, and slightly more aggressive in the corners of the mouth.

Please note: The manufacturer of Poponicini Bits does not warrant the durability of these mouthpieces against teeth or chewing. The warranty only applies internal cable failure and thus any wear to the rubber mouthpiece is not covered by Poponicini Bits or EquuSport LLC and thus not eligible for replacement or exchange. You can learn more about the makeup of these bits as well as use precautions: http://www.poponcinibits.com/en/bits-mouthpieces-horses/harmony/16”


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