General Product FAQ’s 2018-01-14T11:53:41+00:00

If I see the bit I want, but not in the size I require, can I special order it?

YES.  We will do most custom orders.  Please use contact us to submit a request or ask a question.

If I do not see the bit listed that we are looking for, can you make them special?

YES.  In most cases, we can create a bit from scratch based off photos submitted to us to verify manufacturing ability.  Please use contact us to submit a request or ask a question.

If I would like to leather wrap (cover) my bit, can you do that?

YES. We can cover any bit you would like to create a leather mouthpiece for $50.00.  Please email us to get the shipping address to send us your bit.  You can also purchase a new bit from us and we can cover it before we ship it.

Important Notes:

All non custom Pelhams, Kimberwicks, and Weymouths, excluding Poponcini, come with standard curb chain and hooks, but you can order additional chains or hooks if desired.

Any gags not picture with rounds need to have rounds (leather or rope) purchased separately.

Still have questions, you can email or call or fill out our Contact Us form.

Note: Prices subject to change without notice