Here are some of our most common questions.  If you don’t see the answer to your question, please drop us a line.

What is your return policy?

At EquuSport, we stand behind the quality of our products and your satisfaction.

Returns are handled on a case by case basis and must be pre-authorized by us.  We will allow returns on specific items that are unused and in new, re-sellable condition, however, all returns must have a return authorization to accompany them.

There will be a restocking fee of $45 and all shipping fees are non refundable.

Please note the following return exceptions:

  • All leather goods that have been oiled or have had nameplates mounted on them are final sale and cannot be returned.  
  • Custom bridles may not be returned if they do not fit. However, if the fit is not correct EquuSport will make every attempt to remedy the problem.
  • All custom bits are final sale.  If you wish to send your custom bit back for some reason, we will decide at our discretion if they can be exchanged or if we will issue you store credit for a future purchase.
  • All rubber, flexible mouth, and vulcanite bits, regardless of maker, are final sale and may not be returned.

Please do not forget to include your return authorization and original invoice with return.

You may return your item(s) in one of the following ways:

Return Option 1

Bring it back to the shop at the horse show we are at.  You can see our calendar here.

Return Option 2

Send your merchandise back via INSURED FEDEX or INSURED UPS.  Please contact us so we can issue you a return authorization and address to ship your item(s) back.

If I would like to leather wrap (cover) my bit, can you do that?

Absolutely!  We can cover any bit you would like to create a leather mouthpiece for an additional $50.00.

Please email us to get the shipping address to send us your bit.  You can also purchase a new bit from us and we can cover it before we ship it.

If I see the bit I want, but not in the size I require, can I special order it?

YES!  We will do custom orders all the time.  Please use contact us to submit a request or ask a question.

If I do not see the bit listed that we are looking for, can you make them special?

YES.  In most cases, we can create a bit from scratch based off photos submitted to us to verify manufacturing ability.  Please use contact us to submit a request or ask a question.

How do I Order a Custom Bridle

Shopping for a Custom Bridle can be daunting, we have taken the guesswork out of the equation with our Custom Bridle Measurement Sheet and online ordering system.

Once you have measured your horse according to the guide for a perfect custom bridle fit, you can input the measurements online and get us started on your project asap!

Custom bridles are just like you are thinking, a bridle made specifically for the measurements of you horse.   They are similar to Jimmy’s 20th Century Bridles.  If there is something special, we will be delighted to craft it according to your specifications.  The color of the leather is Sedgewick Hazel as is all Equusport Bridlework.

We have chosen a light to start leather that oils to a nice rich brown. Light color tannage insures top quality hides.  Dark color is often used to hide the leather’s imperfections.

You can learn more about our bridle sizing with our info sheets: British Bridle Size Guide & EquuSport Bridle Size Guide


How do I Convert European Measurements?

Please use this table to order European sized bits. Thank you! 

Bit Conversion Chart

Do you ship internationally?

We sure do!

Please be advised that international shipments shall be billed freight cost at time of order.

The receiver shall be responsible for all fees due and payable at the time of receipt of merchandise in the importing country.  These may include, but not limited to: duty, brokerage and excise taxes in accordance with the importing country’s tariff codes.  

Furthermore, as these rates are country specific, Equusport has no way of estimating these costs at time of delivery.

Should one wish to know the estimated cost of import, please contact the governing authority in the receiving country.

Do you repair items?

We are a full service tack repair shop, but unfortunately at this time, we are not accepting any new repairs at this time due due to getting caught up on a backlog.  We do not anticipate opening the shop to new repairs until after September 2019.

Please note, when we re-open we are making an adjustment in the repair shop policy going forward that we will be only repairing equusport branded equipment.

We do recommend you contact Donald Might of Aspen Grove Tack at 719-331-2385 or donald.might@gmail.com. He was trained by Brad and is located in Colorado.

Repair Prices

EquuSport Repair Price List as of January 1, 2018

Description Price
 Billets Replaced $175.00
 Billets Replaced Dressage $175.00
 Bridle Keeper $19.33
 Boot Refleece $48.91
 Bridle Shorten (each piece) $25.00
 Boot Stretch $37.69
 Girth Chapes $9.95
 Girth Elastic $45.95
 Girth Refleece $54.00
 Girth Stitched $8.11
 HBP Elastic Replaced $86.65
 Hook & Plate $43.81
 Halter Repair (each repair) $17.50
 Halter Refleece $65.23
 Panel Covers $410.00
 Saddle Panel  Exchange $45.00
 Padded Knees $500.00
 Plate Mount $5.00
 Rein Regrip $75.00
 Rein Relace $54.00
 Stirrup Bar $150.95
 Saddle Blocks Front $150.00
 Saddle Blocks Rear $150.00
 Front Facings Replace $125.00
 Saddle Front Facing Stitc $6.07/inch
 Saddle Flap Replace $375.31
 Saddle Fall Down Staples $43.81
 Slide Keepers $8.11
 Panel Front Stitch $43.81
 Panel Rears Stitch $43.81
 Saddle Rebuild Quote
 Saddle Seat $950.00
 Stirrup Leather Stitched $20.35
 Saddle Tree Repair plus Freight $550.00

Note: Prices subject to change without notice

Do I need to buy Gag Rounds?

Any gags not picture with rounds need to have rounds (leather or rope) purchased separately.

Do I need to buy curb hooks and chains?

Not always. All non custom Pelhams, Kimberwicks, and Weymouths, excluding Poponcini, come with standard curb chain and hooks, but you can order additional chains or hooks if desired.

Can I buy Wholesale?

Some of our product lines are available for wholesale distribution.  Please fill out this form to contact us to learn more.

Have additional questions? Please give us a call: +1 (719) 499-4200

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