Introducing Bombers Bits to EquuSport

equusuperadmin  |  Aug 14, 2016

At EquuSport we always strive to find the highest quality and effectiveness in our horse bit partners. Bombers bits is no exception.

Bomber Nelson Gag with Blue PortMade in South Africa, Bombers has been developing quality equine products for over 30 years. They focus on providing innovative solutions to riders’ challenging problems, particularly in the area of bitting. Their bits are of handmade quality with extreme attention to detail and testing by world renowned riders, has resulted in world-class horse bits.

Lastly, we get this question a lot… why are they blue? The Bomber Blue bit is made from a unique non-metal material which encourages salivation and is warm to the touch.

You can find our complete selection of bomber bits here.


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