Gag Bradoon


NOTE* This is the bit only, it does not come with cheeks.  If you wish to have a ready-to-go set up, you can purchase it here.

Size is 5 1/2,” Stainless Steel

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These are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment you will have in your arsenal. They were developed for gated horses with a full bridle. It is designed to be used behind and with a separate snaffle cheeked bit.  Because of this setup, the mini gag becomes “masked” allowing it to be “incognito” so the horses don’t expect it and respond quickly when they go to pull.   The beauty of this is that you hold the reins as you would normally, the horse’s action is what causes the gag to engage.  Allows you to have great power across the mouth without disrupting the jump or stride of your horse. It is great for inexperienced riders! Also great for horses who take you down and accelerate in the last few steps of take-off and landing or during lead changes.  They are also really good with horses who don’t have a huge motor or sulk from more “harsh” bits, allowing you to ride in “normal equipment” and make a training point to get them to listen.  It is the duct tape of bit world.

Made in Britain

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Weight 0.85 lbs


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