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EquuSport carries a large selection of snaffle bits that will help you with any communication challenge. Browse our D-ring, eggbutt, full cheek, loose ring, and custom snaffles from top brands. All of the bits we represent are vetted for craftsmanship and function.

Snaffle bits are good for all three rings. Snaffle bits do not add any additional leverage to the horse’s mouth. A single ounce of pressure added by the rider’s hands will translate to an ounce of pressure to the horse’s mouth. The mouthpiece of the snaffle bit works to apply pressure to the tongue and bars. The rings and mouthpiece add pressure to the lips, and the rings themselves can act upon the cheeks or, depending on the bit design, the jawbone of the horse.

Snaffles are good for horses that need a more stable mouth and riders who need to be able to push the nose out.

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