Eggbutt Gag Bits (Cheltenham Gags)

Eggbutt gags, also known as cheltenham gags, are a very steady and smooth acting gag with non pinch cheeks. You want to use this gag if you are worried about your horse who is sensitive to pinching even with bit guards.

Eggbutt gags have holes bored into the top and the bottom of the cheeks where the cheekpiece slides through, allowing the bit to move up and down on the cheekpiece. these bits combine strong leverage with the bit moving up and down the cheekpiece with additional lateral control.

Equusport carries a complete selection of eggbutt or Cheltenham gag bits. We have a wide variety of mouthpieces, metals, and brands available. We carry only the top brands of eggbutt gag bits that have been vetted for quality craftsmanship and function by our bitting experts.

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