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Repair Prices

EquuSport Repair Price List as of January 1, 2016

 Billets Replaced$175.00
 Billets Replaced Dressage$175.00
 Bridle Keeper$19.33
 Boot Refleece$48.91
 Bridle Shorten (each piece)$25.00
 Boot Stretch$37.69
 Girth Chapes$9.95
 Girth Elastic$45.95
 Girth Refleece$54.00
 Girth Stitched$8.11
 HBP Elastic Replaced$86.65
 Hook & Plate$43.81
 Halter Repair (each repair)$17.50
 Halter Refleece$65.23
 Panel Covers$410.00
 Saddle Panel  Exchange$45.00
 Padded Knees$500.00
 Plate Mount$5.00
 Rein Regrip$75.00
 Rein Relace$54.00
 Stirrup Bar$150.95
 Saddle Blocks Front$150.00
 Saddle Blocks Rear$150.00
 Front Facings Replace$125.00
 Saddle Front Facing Stitc$6.07/inch
 Saddle Flap Replace$375.31
 Saddle Fall Down Staples$43.81
 Slide Keepers$8.11
 Panel Front Stitch$43.81
 Panel Rears Stitch$43.81
 Saddle RebuildQuote
 Saddle Seat$950.00
 Stirrup Leather Stitched$20.35
 Saddle Tree Repair plus Freight$550.00

Note: Prices subject to change without notice