What makes our bits special?

EquuSport offers a wide variety of cheek piece styles and sizes as well as completely customized bits. Most of the British made bits can be combined into different styles and sizes.

The custom bits pictured are normally stocked. There are also photographs of all the custom bits that have been made through the years.

If you are looking for Jay Shuttleworth bits these are not them, however, we have partnered with a manufacturer to re-create them.  We also partnered with Maheu Custom Bits to create the bulk of our custom bits. Our Nathe bits are made in Germany and EquuSport has the largest selection in the North America.

All our custom bits are available in steel (sweet iron), Stainless Steel, and Copper Inlaid. Cheek pieces may be made in any size you wish as well as mouth piece width. Mouth pieces may also be changed in diameter. Copper and Brass are also available in some circumstances. Furthermore, if you have a mouth piece that is not in the cheek you wish those bits can be converted in most cases to the style you wish.

The fit and finish of these bits is only to be appreciated when seen. As these are the originals, they do not suffer the incorrect balance and shape of many of the far eastern copies and are well worth the investment. This is most evident when comparing the Loose Port or Loose Segunda and the Broken Port mouthpieces.

The pelhams including the Correction Port and Hanovarian have no pinch ends on the mouthpiece which is also true of all of Maheu bits. Please take the time to view our custom bits. Keep in mind that any mouthpiece you see can be placed with any cheek piece. All bits are available in Stainless Steel or Sweet Iron. Copper is available only as a plate or inlaid as it is too soft to be used as a total mouthpiece. Brass is only in plates, one size twist and a variety of diameters as a smooth mouth.
Call 719-499-4200 or email: sales@equusport.com with any questions regarding the making of any bit not listed.
Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for delivery.