We are a full service tack repair shop, but unfortunately at this time, we are not accepting any new repairs at this time due due to getting caught up on a backlog.  We do not anticipate opening the shop to new repairs until after September 2019.

Please note, when we re-open we are making an adjustment in the repair shop policy going forward that we will be only repairing equusport branded equipment.

We do recommend you contact Donald Might of Aspen Grove Tack at 719-331-2385 or donald.might@gmail.com. He was trained by Brad and is located in Colorado.

Repair Prices

EquuSport Repair Price List as of January 1, 2018

Description Price
 Billets Replaced $175.00
 Billets Replaced Dressage $175.00
 Bridle Keeper $19.33
 Boot Refleece $48.91
 Bridle Shorten (each piece) $25.00
 Boot Stretch $37.69
 Girth Chapes $9.95
 Girth Elastic $45.95
 Girth Refleece $54.00
 Girth Stitched $8.11
 HBP Elastic Replaced $86.65
 Hook & Plate $43.81
 Halter Repair (each repair) $17.50
 Halter Refleece $65.23
 Panel Covers $410.00
 Saddle Panel  Exchange $45.00
 Padded Knees $500.00
 Plate Mount $5.00
 Rein Regrip $75.00
 Rein Relace $54.00
 Stirrup Bar $150.95
 Saddle Blocks Front $150.00
 Saddle Blocks Rear $150.00
 Front Facings Replace $125.00
 Saddle Front Facing Stitc $6.07/inch
 Saddle Flap Replace $375.31
 Saddle Fall Down Staples $43.81
 Slide Keepers $8.11
 Panel Front Stitch $43.81
 Panel Rears Stitch $43.81
 Saddle Rebuild Quote
 Saddle Seat $950.00
 Stirrup Leather Stitched $20.35
 Saddle Tree Repair plus Freight $550.00

Note: Prices subject to change without notice