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EquuSport offers a wide variety of cheek piece styles and sizes as well as completely customized bits. Most of the British made bits can be combined into different styles and sizes. The custom bits pictured are normally stocked. There are also photograhs of all the custom bits that have been made through the years. If you are looking for Jay Shuttleworth bits these are not them however they are made by the firm that makes for him. You will notice there is a large degree of finish in the Maheu bits that we sell.  Nathe bits are made in Germany and EquuSport has the largest selection in the North America.
3 and 4 Ring bits are gag type bits, the longer the shank the more gag you have.
Baucher bits or hanging cheeks are also a gag type action. For clarity sake Equusport classifies all bits that move upward whether on rounds as a traditional gag or by mechanical means, such as this class of bits, as gags or gag action bits. Another example would the  Elevator Bits.

 Welcome to Beris Bits - pronounced "beers".  Beris is the sucessor to Nathe.  They are a German manufactured bit with a nice fit and finish.  The Mullen mouths are available in three versions, flexi, semi flexible and rigid.  The ported versions are semi flexible and rigid.

Our accessories category contains bit guards, lip straps, bit convertors, bradoon hangers etc. If it belongs with a bit look here to see what is available.
Combination bits are part Gag, Snaffle, and Hackamore.
Custom Horse Bits, English bits, d-ring bits, hackamore bits, and more.
Dee rings are most popular bit in the hunter ring. D rings and eggbutts have mouth pieces tubular ends that help prevent pinching
Full cheeks are helpful with horses that have difficulty in turning when bit keepers are added these bits produce a touch of lift as pressure increases. We have a selection of custom made full cheek bits as well.
Gag Bits, selection of balding gag bits, barry gag bits, cheltenham gag bit and more
Loose Rings are the largest family of bits and the most versatile. The fact that the mouthpiece moves freely it is hard for a horse to “lock on”.
Pelhams are the all in one version of a full bridle. These bits produce leverage through the pressure produced by the curb rein.
These bits are produced in one size and style only.

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